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Our press release writers are experts at creating a press release for your company that result in an immediate increase in traffic, rankings, and exposure on high ranking press release sites and news outlets such as Google News.

Your product or service is directly associated with the quality of your written content. If you put your name on low quality press releases then your clients will assume that your product is the same way. That’s why it’s important to have a well-written press release that speaks to the professionalism of your website. If writing isn’t your specialty, look no further; our teams of professional writers are experts at crafting seamless press releases that bring customers right to your doorstep.

Once you have a flawless press release, the next step can be a little tricky. The key is to get your press release massive exposure. But most places want to charge you upwards of $500 for that- without the writing! Going the “free” route doesn’t work either. Auto submitters, free press release sites, and even sites that “promise” syndication just won’t cut it anymore. If you want a Press Release that will drive traffic to your website and give you tons of exceptionally high quality backlinks then you must have a hard-hitting, focused approach.

To do the job right you need a professionally written press release that’s distributed to tens of thousands of high quality news sites and slammed down right in front of your highly targeted audience.

You need SUPER MASS SYNDICATION (now includes PRWeb!)

That’s Where We Come in. We Have EXCLUSIVE Access to Many of the Most Heavily
Syndicated PR Sites on the Internet. Having Established a Name in Press Release
Syndication, We Have Industry Connections with Exclusive Newswires, and the Results
we get for our Clients are Absolutely Mind-blowing!

Typically, our PR’s get around 1,000 reads (some get up to 10,000 or more!), and they are all read by a heavily targeted audience that is ready to BUY.

Here is a screenshot of some of the reads we got with ONE of the newswires that we use (Individual reads are the big numbers- 7828, 5464, 709, etc. Titles blurred to protect client’s identities)

Here’s what you’ll get with our press release writing + submission service
  • A 400-700 word PR written by our team of professional writers.
  • Exclusive submission to THOUSANDS of high traffic news sites
  • You can include an image AND a video for no extra charge
  • You can include your website URL in an iframe that will appear at the bottom of the PR
  • You’ll get FIVE anchor texted links within the PR itself (this will help increase your SEO ranking!)
  • You’ll get exposure to your HIGHLY TARGETED AUDIENCE
  • You get 500 guaranteed reads or we’ll spin your release and submit it again!
  • You’ll get a report of your press releases progress per your request
  • We guarantee our work. We won’t submit your press release until it is PERFECT

More information and proof about our press release writing + submission service
These days, a successful website only comes with the acquisition of backlinks. Here are some of the sites that picked up a story that we wrote for own website. Just Google the title of your press release and some of the hosting sites will show up in the search results.

Notate how many different listings show our title- each one is a different website:

Web Ranking

Web Ranking

Web Ranking

Here are the READS
we got for our own website with this
promotion from just
2 main press release
that we submit to:
press release distribution
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Needless to say, our press release writing with press release distribution will get your website MASSIVE exposure. Check out our package deals below and let’s discuss how we can start driving high quality traffic straight to your front door.

Curious about our press release writing + press release distribution method?
Take advantage of this service and our press release writing and press release distribution team will take care of everything for you. We will first write your press release and then manually submit your press release to the best 150 high ranking PR sites. After payment you will be sent to a form where we will ask you a series of questions about your press release writing and press release distribution instructions. Many of our clients choose this service for the simple fact that it saves them time and brings in new traffic, increased SEO rankings, and an increase in overall exposure. Currently over 90% of all press releases being submitted are being picked up by Google News.

Our super mass syndication submission method for press releases is extremely good, unique, and has been said by many clients to be the most valuable and cheapest press release service they have ever used. To register in all the PR Wires and sites we belong to you would have to pay over $900 per release and spend an estimated 40+ hours writing and submitting your release. We give it all to you for less than $300.

Please choose one of the press release package deals below to pay and then fill in a form with your order details.
If you would like to ask questions or require a custom order please contact us through the inquiry section of our website.
Supercharge Your Press Release with our New Extended Syndication Service!
The main part of SUPER MASS SYNDICATION is it includes FULL PRWeb Advanced Submission which normally retails and costs $400… we include this in our package now and have a special deal with PRWeb… PRWeb logo As the world’s number one news release service, PRWeb sends your news to major search engines like Google, Yahoo! News, and Bing. PRWeb will send it to 30,000+ journalists and bloggers. Also your release will be delivered to 250,000+ PRWeb opt-in news subscribers. Your news release is hosted on, which receives over 3 million visitors each month.

Press Release Writing (Writing only, No Submission)

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Press Release Writing
Need a press release written for your website or business?

Look no further! Our press release writers are great at writing press releases that bring targeted customers to your website or business. Our writers will fully research your website and comments and then write a high quality press release for you. The press release will be anywhere from 400-700 words in length.

After payment, you will be directed to our order form to give our writers instructions on how to write the press release. We ask that you instruct our writers to write on a topic that is ‘newsworthy’.

Let our writers know about anything new that is happening at your company such as a new partnership, offering, or sale your business is offering. The more ‘newsworthy’ our writers can make your release sound, the higher chance you have at getting it approved to the top PR wires, press release sites, and news site such as Google and Yahoo News.

  • 400-700 Word Custom Written Press Release for Your Company
  • Top Quality Newsworthy News Content Written for Your Company
  • Senior Press Release Supervisor Proofreader Editing
  • Guaranteed Maximum Press Release Wire and Site Approval
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Still have questions?
Check out our frequently asked questions for our press release writing + submission package below:
Q: What kind of back links will I get from this service?
A: With that said, we’ve had clients get upwards of 50, 100, or 250+ back links from a single press release depending on which level of service you order from us.

Q: Will I be punished for the sudden influx of links?
A: No. Because press releases get syndicated (blasted to thousands of different news sites) Google makes a special exception for the influx of links- that is to say, their algorithms accommodate for links that come from press releases. From what we’ve seen, websites BENEFIT from the links because it shows Google that your website is peaking the interest of many different news organizations.

Q: What kind of Click Through Rates can I expect from my Press Release?
A: Once again, we wish we could give an answer here that would apply to everyone but it completely depends on your niche. We have written some PR’s that received 25% CTR’s and others that received 5%. The best thing you can do is research the average CTR’s for your niche and expect similar results for this promotion.

We will say this however, compared to other writers on the internet our CTR’s are among the highest in the industry; regardless of the niche we’re writing on. Also, most article sites and FREE press release sites get your article or PR about 30 reads, and unless you pay very few of them have direct links to your site.

This promotion, on the other hand, will likely get you over 2000-3000 reads, all with active SEO optimized backlinks and highly targeted readers – when you do the math this makes this promotion well worth the investment.

This is just some of the places where your press release will be distributed to:
Distributor Logos Distributor Logos
Distributor Logos

Contact us today through our inquiry form if you have any further questions.