write articles - faq
Listed below are answers to questions that we are frequently asked by our current and prospective clients. If your question is not listed below, feel free to contact us anytime.
Q: Why are your prices so low?
A: We prefer to price ourselves lower then our competitors to be able to ensure ourselves constant work. We believe in providing value to our clients in order to encourage repeat business.
Q: How long will the job take?
A: We work to have as fast as a turnaround time as possible, but in times of heavy work loads we do ask for 14 days to complete your job. We believe in quality over rushing work that has sub-standard quality. For article orders, our general turnaround time is 5-8 business days on most orders of 10 or less.  Any order of 25 to 100 articles usually takes between 7 and 10 days. Larger orders can take up to 14 days.
Q: What if I don’t like the articles or the service I bought from your company?
A: Simply contact us through our inquiry section and we will take care of any problem promptly!
Q: What exactly does your team do when I submit my order? Do I need to submit keywords and titles?
A: It’s completely up to you. After payment you will be directed to a form where you will be asked to fill out various details about your order. If you choose to enter keywords and titles then we will complete your job exactly to your specifications. If you choose to have us create keywords and the article titles for you we’d be happy to do so using our keyword research software.
Q: Can I split my order into multiple niches? I have many websites I’d like to target for one package deal I am buying from your team.
A: Sure, we welcome you to split any package into as many niches as you’d like. We have a spot on the form after payment called “special instructions” where you can specify details such as this for your order.
Q: Do most people choose article writing or the article writing plus submission package?
A: It’s roughly half and half. Some clients view paying extra to have their articles submitted as an unneeded expense while other clients view the service as a valuable service to save time and gain higher CTR (click-through-rates). If you believe you lack in writing resource boxes and properly submitting your articles then we urge you to take advantage of the inexpensive service. Your decision should be made on how valuable your time is to you as well as if you have struggled in article marketing before. Keep in mind that on average, it will take the average article marketer 30 minutes to submit one article to eight directories.
Q: If I choose to have your team to submit my articles will you take care of keyword targeting and resource boxes?
A:It’s completely up to the client. We are professionals at keyword targeting, constructing converting titles, and writing converting resource boxes. However, we do allow for the client to send us keywords, titles, and pre-written resource boxes to use. Please notate on your order when you submit it to us how you’d like to proceed.
Q: Does your team invite custom jobs such as eBooks, autoresponder series, and web content?
A: Yes, in fact many members of our team have been authors of many eBooks that turned out to be best sellers on the Clickbank Marketplace. We invite any custom job that may arise. Simply contact us through our inquiry section about your project and we will give you a quote within 24 hours
Q: What if my articles aren’t accepted by the directories? Will you edit them until they are 100% approved?
A:We do everything in our power to get your articles submitted by all the directories and mass submission services we submit to. The directories with the strictest editorial standards is EzineArticles.com – if after 3 attempts we cannot get your article accepted we will submit your article to EzineMark.com (our alternative for EzineArticles.com)
Q: I see your company offers a lot more service than just article writing, why is this? Are you an article writing company or an internet marketing company?
A: Our company has grown quite a bit since we opened our doors in 2008. We have grown our team considerably to bring in the best internet marketing experts from every industry. We now have over 20+ team members all specializing in different services. We realize the internet is growing and for our client’s websites to drive in the most traffic possible and to be successful we have grown to offer many different SEO, press release, video marketing, social media, and link building services to keep your website growing and to drive in more traffic.
Q:What are the best services your company offers to increase targeted traffic to my website?
A:All of our services work great to increase targeted traffic to your website. In particular, we believe these following services are the top services offered to increase your SEO ranking and drive in more targeted traffic to your website:

Q:Do you offer a reseller/affiliate program?
A: Yes, we currently do offer a reseller program to serious affiliates. Please contact us through our inquiry page if you currently have an internet marketing agency or website and would like to resell our services.