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The End of Microsoft Publishers Network And Your Marketing Efforts

reFor millions of people, an email came out a few days ago that is changing marketing forever. Just like companies like Adbrite went under, and Kontera changed, Microsoft is folding one of the biggest brands that they had to compete with AdSense. For some bloggers that were grandfathered into this network, it was an AdSense alternative that paid out big time. It was a program that was mired with problems, however, with some people clicking their own ads to make payout. Some were able to garner thousands of dollars in self clicks, and it was a major issue for the program. Now that the program is ending, marketers needs to look into what to do next.

Fix The Advertising

If you’re using this PPC network, change things up. Trade the ads out for something new. You will need to have ads in place, use affiliate networking banners, text links, and other options to change this out. The end of the program is August 1, 2015. In the meantime, you can start to try and get more traffic and clicks, or you can use this time to change the advertising structure on your website. Whatever the case is, you will need to fix things outright.

Google Adsense

You may as well join the big boys of PPC advertising. This is the biggest network that you can work with to earn a little bit of money from traffic. If you’re going to monetize your website, make sure that you look at this if you haven’t already. Microsoft’s publisher network was their version of this network. This will help you transition. It’s imperative that you look into this if you’re going to transition without losing steam. Of course, you could always decide to change things up for yourself, and not have advertising, but it’s important to consider.

Who’s Next?

Now that Google is the biggest network for monetizing in this fashion, marketers are left to figure out what is next? Who is the next site that is going to fold? Will Adsense continue to thrive or will other options start to thrive. When Adbrite stopped operation, many went to Microsoft’s option, but with this change, many are going to find themselves at a loss. The reason why many turned to Publisher Network to begin with was because Google has strict rules on content, and you can’t throw ads on just any old topic. You have to fall in line with what they want. One thing is for sure, the end of Microsoft’s network is going out with a whimper, not unlike Adbrite.


Cheap and Dirty PPC Advertising Ideas

ewOne of the benchmarks of marketing online is that of PPC advertising. This is known as pay per click advertising, and it works quite well with blogging, article marketing, and content as a whole. There are several ways to spend a lot of money within this concept, but there are some options that are low cost. The high cost option is of course going to be Google’s AdWords programs. This is a program that makes the Google company a ton of money, and they are getting bigger every day. If you want to figure out a way to make this economical, make sure that you look into the following elements, as they can help you save a little money, get some cheap traffic and maintain a level of interaction that can help you build up your brand, site, or just about any concept.

Look For Alternative Networks

The first thing that you should do on your quest to save money with PPC is to look for alternative networks. If you look for networks that are not run by Google, you will be delighted. This is a delight because there are some things that are cheap. For instance, there are several networks that are closed and will advertise for as low as $0.0025 per click. Sure, your traffic may not be as targeted as Google’s network, but the cost is definitely worth noting.

Go With Bing

Bing has a network that you can utilize and they give away up to one hundred dollars for new users. They have PPC options that are as low as $0.05 per click. This is a low cost option that has a lot of users. It may only be 30% of the market, but that’s in terms of millions of users. You’ll be surprised by how incredible this network option is. You can use your free entry point and coupon through various means and get a good deal of traffic. It’s targeted, and will help convert on your affiliate networking links.

Trust Social Media

The next thing that you should be looking into is social media. Every major social media page has a way to advertise. You can go forward with as little as a set price of five dollars or you could go with PPC styled solutions that are as low as ten cents per click. These are low options with high grade targeting, but you have to make sure that you focus on the right components. This takes time to set up, but it’s an alternative to the expensive AdWords options that can cost you a pretty penny.