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Lessons Learned From The Mobile Armageddon That Google Pushed

eeThere were memes, lots of news updates, and blogs posted about how Google had waged war in regards to their push for more mobile connectivity. The internet was rushing to figure out what would happen to all the sites that were getting good rankings, and whether or not this was the first major trumpet in trashing sites that weren’t optimized for mobile searches. As more and more people started to panic, some didn’t get too worked up. There were some lessons learned about this latest development, and if you weren’t one of the early panicked individuals, you m ay have seen this in your own analytics and metrics.

The Rankings Didn’t Shift That Much

Websites that were already mobile friendly, didn’t see a jump. Those sites that weren’t exactly meant for mobile use, didn’t see a jump either. There were some sites that were severely antiquated that saw drops, but they weren’t as big as some of the major players in SEO said they would be. It’s actually fascinating to see how these things have worked themselves out. If you were planning on seeing a huge drop for non-compliance, you don’t have to worry too much.

Mobile Traffic Doesn’t Matter That Much

This is a loaded subject. However, if you are an ecommerce solution and you get 90 percent of your traffic from desktop devices, expanding to a mobile platform may not be your first move. It’s not a bad thing to start working on, but putting all your weight into this field? That’s ludicrous. Unless you’re getting a huge jump in mobile traffic, don’t put a lot of stock in making every single line of code compliant. Plus, more and more people are adopting larger phones, tablets, and more. Chances are, your website is just fine without going through the hoops that Google’s setting up.

Effective Marketing Still Works

Here’s the real lesson, and something that some companies learned really hard, long term effective marketing still works. For whatever reasons, the panic induced by this change caused a lot of turmoil within the search engine rankings for some, because they switched out long standing design elements that were making a ton of money for them. Just because you change your website’s scheme and are out of the blue compliant with mobile leanings, doesn’t mean that Google was targeting you to begin with. Your site may have been better off not changing, and that’s the one thing that you may have learned the hard way.

Next time Google does anything, don’t panic. Lesson learned, right?