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Local SEO Can Work Wonders

r3There are a lot of different things that you have to worry about when you are building a small business website. Sometimes it’s blurred, however, as people assume that they are going to be competing with more than the average business. If you think that your main competition is a big box retailer or sites like Amazon, you are going to miss out on something important. Local SEO is a very important thing to consider. Your main competition up front is the local businesses that are in your area. If you do not conquer the area that you’re in, you will not get big enough to compete on a level playing field. The following are a few tips to help you within the localized solutions of optimization.

Find Your Competitors

Look into the competitors that you have. Seriously, search around your area and see if anyone is doing what your site and business needs to do. If you are “online” only, then look at similar keywords that bring up sites that are number one in your niche. Once you start to isolate the options that are found within your niche, you will be able to push forward through the rankings and get to the top of organic searches. Your local competitors will help you get a larger chunk of the search engine solution.

Add The City You’re In

When searching for competitors, add the city you’re in to see what the localized searches are. You’re going to find that the localized options will shed light on websites that are going to compete with you up front. Remember, you will not get to the number one placement within search engines if you aren’t ranking high within the localized element. Local SEO can give you a push to the top, if you rank against competitors. Look for the competitors, and then start to isolate keywords to help you rank in the appropriate manner.

Consider Emulating Their Landing Page

Here’s the biggest tip you need to work with, and it’s in regards to SEO that has been tried and true. Look at how the main home page highlights the keywords they are targeting, and how they are putting together the letters and tags. Look for H1, H2, and other tags. If you look into this, you will end up with a lot more structure to fight your way to the top. Sometimes, localized emulation can help your design flow.