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5 Speed Problems You Need To Fix Right Away For SEO

ss1Search engine optimization in today’s frenetic landscape means that you are going to need to pay far more attention to what you’re doing far more than ever before. That includes the speed of your page. If your page is not loading fast, you are not going to get ranked high. In fact, nearly half of all web users will shut down the browser or move along if your page doesn’t seem to load fast, and you may only have a window of about 5 seconds, and that’s very generous. It’s for that reason that you should fix the 5 major speed problems presented below, right away.

Image Problems

Don’t overload your page with images, and don’t put up unoptimized options. It’s going to prove detrimental to have images that are too big, the wrong format, or are simply not the right size. Image problems can sink your page’s loading time faster than most other issues, that’s for sure.

CSS Problems

When you’re working with CSS, make sure that the code is clean, and isn’t burdening every single page load. You can call for it, or you could just make sure that you have the essential elements in line. If you have a line error with your CSS, your page could load slowly, or look messy.

Too Many Plugins

For those that are using WordPress, make sure that you don’t overload the backend with plugins. You need to make sure that plugin use is at a limited capacity, and you don’t just have frivolous updates. Make sure that these elements are up to date, and used sparingly.

Web Hosting On The Cheap

One of the biggest issues that people have is in regards to the hosting provider that they are using. Make sure that you do not spend money on a web host that isn’t going to deliver on server speed. Look for a well-reviewed hosting provider, and one that can help you grow as a website down the line.

Messy JavaScript

Another issue that you need to contend with right away is that of code issues. JavaScript, ASP, PHP, and all other web languages should be clean, neat, and up to par with modern browser recommendations and rulings. If you do not put up clean, easy to read and edit code, you will find your pages will suffer. Don’t let them suffer on account of your lackluster programming. Get this cleaned up and you’ll be able to get easier rankings and faster load times.