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3 Content Principles That May Shatter Your Ideas of SEO

ceIt’s funny to see so much talk about how content needs to be written, crafted and more. You’re going to find that as you navigate the course of SEO on a lot of levels, content can become a point of contention. When it comes to content ideas, you’ll want to look at a few options that could very well give you a better movement forward. What works best, and what will get you to the top of rankings in highly competitive niches? Well, that’s where you are going to find a few points that are going to leave you scratching your head. The following are just 3 of them.

The Longest Pages Are Number One

In recent studies, it turns out that the top position of search engines usually went to pages that had upwards of 2400 words! That means the landing page of major sites within competitive areas had a lot of content, and the length of words were dictionary in length. Does that mean that you should be writing epics? Probably not, but you should consider putting in a lot more information on the front page of your website, so that you are at least competing with the average site ranked at the top.

Style Matters More Than You Think

When it comes to content versus design, you have to balance both. Long gone are the days where a very ugly website is ranked number one. You cannot publish a site that looks like it belongs to the internet circa 1999. You have to make something that is optimized for search, available in mobile versions, and is not going to cause a lot of stress when the end user reads it at 3 in the morning. Balance is the key, and design is not something you throw away in favor of some elusive SEO campaign.

Support The facts By Linking Away From Your Page

Here’s a note on outbound links, make them your source for content. If you’re going to make a claim, much like you would in writing an essay, link to an expert’s opinion. The more concrete you can make your claims, the higher the chances are that you’re going to get pushed forward in regards to ranking. Think of it in terms of proving your work in “math” class. As long as you can link to an authority page, your content is going to flourish, and consumers will give you a measure of trust they won’t give others in the same niche.