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3 Concrete Tips For Blog Startups

23cWhen it comes to starting a blog, you are going to join millions of people that are thinking the same thing. There’s a lot of people that want to jump into the fray of writing and publishing. Even if it’s for a personal blog, there are a lot of people that want to join the world of paid blogging, writing, and even publishing. If you are ready to join the millions of people that are jumping into this world, there are 3 concrete tips that you are going to want to take with you today. We’ve discussed several in the past, but here are 3 lessons learned from the best in the business.

Separate Yourself From The Pack

There are plenty of blogs out there on every single topic in the world. How are you going to differentiate what you do from what they do? What can you bring to the table that hasn’t been already published? That’s something that you have to think about carefully, or you will not be able to get anywhere in regards to the marketing world. You have to sincerely ask yourself what makes your work special, and if you can’t answer that, it’s not time to launch a blog.

The Inherent Value of Blogging

Publishing a blog is not enough. You need to look into what you’re going to offer the end user. Why should anyone trust what you’re going to say? Think about this wholeheartedly, and really think about what your goals are. Do you want to educate? Do you want to offer advice? Do you want to share your journey? The goal of your blog is more than just the separation you create from competitors, it’s about what you can offer the end user that is surfing the internet right now.

The Niche You’re In

One of the most important aspects of starting any blog is simple, the niche. There’s a niche that you want to jump into, and that’s imperative. Focusing on how that niche plays out is going to be the crucial piece of the puzzle you need before and after launch. Where are you going with your blog and why? What niche is overcrowded, or rather which one is in need of a new voice? If you can answer those questions and you’re ready to take on the responsibility that comes with launching a blog, go for it. There’s always a need to be filled, and blogging can do that in many niches, that’s for sure.


3 Reasons To Stop Blogging Altogether

cre2When it comes to working within the world of internet marketing, there is a point of contention. There is a point where you need to stop doing what you’re doing, and start pulling the plug. In the blogging world, there are a lot of points where people hit a wall. They either continue to go forward, or they stop altogether. There are points that you need to really consider what you’re going to do next and whether you really should keep trumpeting the same thing over and over again. It’s with that in mind that you should look at the following elements, and see if these reasons are on your list that should call you to reset or rethink everything.

Your Blog Is Dead

A dead blog is a site that you update and get zero hits from. You may have thousands of pages, and if you do, with no real traffic, it’s time to put everything away. Don’t continue to publish things on a site that has no way of coming up to help you. If you’re publishing to help with marketing on any level, you need to change your plan and reset your blog. Take the content, and put it somewhere else, or just delete everything and get to a new locale.

The Niche Is Stale

There are some niches that are no longer in demand. They are so bad that you end up wanting to just walk away completely. Your blog may have been a hot commodity once, but if it has recently been part of the end of the cycle of a past niche, it’s time to give up. There are still people trumpeting the end of the world was in 2012, and they are losing money and visitors daily. Don’t trumpet on old niches, it’s tired.

You’re Lost

If your focus has shifted, if you’re lost amidst blogging altogether, it’s time to stop. Don’t keep publishing content on a site that you are not passionate about, and don’t really want to work on. If you really don’t want to publish any longer, stop it. Don’t publish pages and updates on sites that you’ve lost your focus on and you just don’t want to do any longer. It’s not a good thing to keep trying to shoehorn your passion into an arena that it’s not in.

The above are just 3 reasons to stop blogging. When in doubt, just don’t go forward. Stop pushing updates when you just don’t want to do it any longer.