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If you have a blog, then you know how important quality , regular, and unique content is for your blog. Our team specializes in writing quality and unique blog postings that are not only interesting to your readers, but help your blog to increase it’s visibility/SEO rankings with Google and all the other major search engines. We offer regular blog writing and submission services to our clients where you can sign up for a one-time, weekly, or monthly blog writing/submission package.
We will login to your blog (WordPress or any other platform) and write quality blog postings for your industry or niches targeted keywords. Each blog posting will have quality content, the targeted keyword anchor texted/linked to your homepage , and will include a high quality stock image relating to the blog topic.
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Note: Each blog posting will target 1 main keyword and that keyword will be anchor texted/linked to your homepage to help with SEO. Anchor/text link looks like this:Article writing is a great way to increase traffic, build backlinks, and develop content for your site.*Article writing is linked to our homepage thus increasing our internal SEO score.Want a good example of how your blog postings will look? Look at our own blog here: ideas on keywords for us to target for your blog that have high searches and low competition to have us write and submit articles for your website? Try Google’s free keyword suggestion tool by clicking here.Every blog posting includes great keyword targeted content, a related photo, anchor texted keyword to help your site’s SEO, and automatic submission into your blog. This truly is a hands free approach to managing and updating your blog with targeted content for your niche that Google loves!
Blog Writing/Submissions
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5 Blog Postings/Submissions
(completion time 1-2 weeks)
$ 130
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10 Blog Postings/Submissions
(completion time 1-2 weeks)
$ 205
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25 Blog Postings/Submissions
(completion time 1-3 weeks)
$ 375
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50 Blog Postings/Submissions
(completion time 2-4 weeks)
$ 650
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100 Blog Postings/Submissions
(completion time 1-2 months)
$ 1150
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250 Blog Postings/Submissions
(completion time 2-3 months)
$ 2625
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