wow - the quality of these articles are amazing!!! I cant believe you do such quality work for so low a price. You can expect much, much more business from me in the future. This was a test run and you passed with flying colors, thank you!
Ruth Hendrickson
I just received 3 articles, and they are excellent quality, better than I expected. They were received quickly, too. Thanks Michael!
Just wanted to come to your thread to give yet another positive review of your service. I'm very picky with grammar and spelling when it comes to writing content. I'm glad to say in the order of articles I placed with you the writing is very good. This is an indication of quality writers and not just some people throwing some sentences together to make the word count be 400-500 words.

Also, I think it's very important to mention that I didn't really give you guys much to work with. I just mentioned the niche, some keywords I wanted the articles to include and some basic titles for some of the articles. Then your team handled the rest. Beautifully might I add.

Another important thing is that the turnaround time was less than expected. Before placing the order, I contacted RenaissanceMan several times. One of those questions was how long would it take to write my articles. He said around 7 days. I placed my order on a Wednesday. Come Thursday night and I still didn't have my articles. I sent yet another PM to the guy.

Within a few minutes I received an email with my articles aaaand what's funny is that the email had a message saying "We sent these to you 3 days ago." I checked in my deleted emails and it was there lol. Sometimes I get so many emails I delete stuff by mistake.

This is a great service, with quality content and excellent customer service.. It's pretty obvious to say I'm more than satisfied. Will be placing another order very soon Thanks again for such a quality service for so cheap!!!

Hi Michael,

I have been one of your regular customers. With a good work ethic and excellent services provided I am very satisfied, it's nice when I' working with u guys. Many times you'd surpassed my expectation. Article written always been solid and well researched while order delivery mostly ahead of schedule.

Thanks Michael. I am absolutely delighted with your service.
Gary Pettit
Thank You So Much....You Guys are Awesome at 99 Cent Articles! Very friendly and responsive service and communication. Article quality was extremely good and professional. I'll be ordering 10 more articles this evening once I'm home.

Thanks Again for the Great Service & Articles,
Gary Pettit
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